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  • TrioBet Poker

    Triobet Poker has a lot of features that are designed to make newer players feel comfortable sitting down at one of their tables. For the newest players, there are beginners' tables, where only players new to Triobet
  • Land of Smiley Cubes 0.3

    Land of Smiley Cubes is a free online game where players build blocks to earn points.players can also destroy other players' blocks to make them lose points.All players are ranked by points. players compete to climb the
  • Runescape 1.0

    RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In this game players begin in a secluded area, where they are taken through a tutorial, a set path where they learn the most basic skills in
  • Chicanery 1.0

    I ve actually given some thought to designing a two-player game with controls that would cause the players to have to actually physically interact outside the game. i briefly had an idea for a game called DO NOT LET
  • AS Roma Players Screensaver 3.0

    AS Roma players Free Soccer players Sc... Download the Free AS Roma players Soccer players Screensaver from Root for the AS Roma team on your desktop with this soccer screensaver. Download
  • Toadwater 1.0

    Toadwater is a 2D online multiplayer game, with various enjoyable activities. One can plant trees, grow crops, trade with other players, make salads and have workers do their bidding. Many players build large bases to
  • Scopone Scientifico 1.2

    Scopone Scientifico is an Italian cards game, it support two playing modality, local or on line, for playing local, it simulates the other 3 players over you, for playing on line you can choice the other 3 players from
  • Treasure Maze 1.0

    An interesting new game for two, three or four players who will compete with each other to collect treasures in a maze, escaping from dragons. It can be quite challenging whenthe maximum number of players are playing it.
  • Sid Meier's SimGolf 1.0

    Sid Meier's Sim Golf is a computer game that features a complete system that allows the player to build their own golf empire. players begin with some money and choose a country to begin building the players' course.
  • InstantFX SE MP3 Player Maker 1.0

    Easily create online or standalone custom, skinnable Flash mp3 players. Output to Web Pages for online use with streaming mp3s playable on any website. Output mp3 in executable format (EXE) for single file release of
  • Cool Chess 1.0

    Cool Chess is a game for novice or advanced players and you can learn chess rules using powerfull options. You can choose to play with 2 players on the same computer or 2 players on two different
  • BlochWeb Othello 1.0

    The classic game of othello for Win95 and presented with stunning graphics and sound effects. players can choose between playing each other, challenging the computer players, or even watching two computer
  • Invest in Europe 1.0-beta

    Invest in Europe is a game which is based on MONOPOLY type board games. players aim is to make a fortune. players may purchase and trade properties, build houses and hotels, participate in auction and take part in the
  • Renz 1.2

    Renz is a very interesting card game which is composed from eight subgames. The game is played by four players, three players are represented by the computer and one by the user. In a game all subgames are played four
  • Invest in the USA 1.1

    Invest in the USA is a game in which players make fortunes. The game is monopoly based board game in which players do property trading i.e. selling and purchasing property, house, hotels and players even can participate
  • Pokemon - Fire Red Version for GBA 1.0

    Pokemon FireRed is a remake of the Pokemon Red,it contain usability enhancements such as a contextual tutorial feature which allows players to look up data at any point in the game. Additionally, when continuing a saved
  • Hexaparchis 1.85 Plus

    Hexaparchis is a variant of the classic game of Parchís, conserving its rules, only that have added the possibility of playing up to six players. It allows that they play of 2 to 6 players, or handled by the PC or
  • All-Time Baseball 1.1

    All-Time Baseball is a statistics based game played with teams built with players since 1901. Build your own team or use a team from the present or past. Make your own lineups. Decide when to bunt, steal or pinch
  • Poker by Zynga for iPhone 1.0

    Poker by Zynga is the largest free-to-play online poker game in the world which is now introduced for iPhone also. In this game the players have the option to play at any table, meet new people from around the world or
  • Tams11 Cateblast

    You are given a letter to use. You have to write words that start with that letter to fill in the different categories such as Color, Item found in a bowling alley, and Famous musician. players then judge your word and
  • Upshift StrikeRacer 1.0

    Upshift Strikeracer is a MMO racing video game. The game consists of multiple cars that race each other and featuring guns and other weapons that can be mounted to battle and race against other players. This game has
  • titanRose 1.87

    titanRose is a free to play ROSE online server. ROSE Online or Rush On Seven Episodes Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). players from all over the globe can connect to our servers and
  • Men of War 1.0

    Men of War game have multiple players which are based on war of Soviet, Allied and German soldiers. It has many historical Takes and Vehicles including heavy guns. Also having more than 1000 sound effects and players
  • Online Poker, Everest Poker Tournaments 1.0

    There are two main types of tournaments; Single-Table and Multi-Table. Single-Table Tournaments take place at just one table. As soon as all of the seats are occupied, the tournament starts. The last player left at the
  • Texas Hold 'Em Championship 1.0

    The Texas Hold ''Em Championship supports unlimited table combos and cheat modes. You can play in tournament mode as well as against the more than 75 highly skilled players from all around the world. If you are fed up
  • Neo Turf Masters for Neo Geo 1.0

    You can play the Neo Turf Masters game in your desire mode such as either in stroke play for one or two players, and match play for only two players. You can play the game against the one of four fictional golf
  • ABF CD Blaster 1.8

    ABF CD Blaster is a powerful and user-friendly CD Burner and CD Ripper that enables you to create standard Audio CD playable in regular CD players and mp3 data CD that can be played in portable mp3 players and DVD
  • FA Premier League Football Manager 2001 1.0

    FA Premier League Football Manager 2001 is a Soccer Management game which has a simple interface that allows players to easily navigate the controls and take their team to Premiership glory. It has a 3D match engine
  • I-won Excel poker workbook 1.1

    I-won is a Excel workbook with a wide range of macros that helps you to get useful info about your current situation at the poker table. At the moment I-won shows this information:- Pot odds- Number of players.- Your
  • Yap Yamb (Net+) 1.0

    Yap Yamb (Net+) (Jamb) is a four column (advanced Yahtzee-like) dice game for 1 to 5 players. You can play it versus remarkable computer player(s) or versus your friends. You can customize number of players, type of