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  • FlashGet Download - Download and manage files(such as movies mp3) 2.7

    FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've
  • Alarm Me 3.1

    No words for this excellent alarm tool. "Alarm me" can be your favorite time organizer as it is powerful, regarding its capabilities, and its user
  • Ufo- Alarm 3d 2.0

    A fast 3d- space shooter with excellent graphics, a lot of action and not too many brain : The imperious leader of the only known not almost spheric
  • Alarm++ 2.0

    Create multiple alarms that repeat at simple to complex intervals. An alarm can remind you of events, visit web sites, send e-mail, play sounds, or
  • Alarm 1.0

    You can use handy software utility Alarm for remembering about any important event. It is basically a digital clock that lets you adjust it according
  • X-Alarm 0.5

    This small program, performs a very simple reminder digital, After setting the desired hour, put our window in foreground, above any application.
  • Web Alarm App

    The Web Alarm App is written AutoIT script and has a GUI that makes it easy to set your alarm for any online media stream such as Pandora Radio or
  • Alarm OCX 1.0

    You want your application to be alarmed at start of every hour, at zero o'clock. every five minute from 8:00AM to 10:00AM, beginning of the first day
  • MP3 Alarm 1.0

    My name is Dimitri Vishnepolsky and I'm presenting to you my program: "mp3 Alarm". mp3 Alarm is a cute and yellow program that hides in your system
  • PS-Alarm 2.06

    This is an alarm utility that resides in the system tray. Multiple alarms can be set for each day, and a Snooze option is
  • Alarm RP 3.5.17

    Alarm is a program for Windows which turns your computer into a fully functional Alarm Clock. Features include configurable Snooze time, auto snooze,
  • D2D Alarm 1.00

    If you are at work or at home using a PC and you need reminders throughout the day, then have a look at D2DAlarm. This is a very small application
  • DDG Alarm 2.0.5 Beta 6

    Alarm is a Digital Clock that you can set to display a message and play a sound at a time of your choice. It is meant to be of help when you want to
  • My Alarm 1.0

    My Alarm is a quick and simple way to run programs or play music at a set time, day or date. You can have multiple alarms with each one set to run or
  • Net Alarm 1.0

    Net Alarm will notify you if someone in network connects to your computer. Net Alarm stays in tray and change its icon or popups on every new
  • Yup Yup Alarm Beta

    Yup Yup Alarm lets you set as many alarms as you like, so you can wake up at different times on different days. Your own music can be used as an
  • Ur Alarm 1

    UrAlarm is a free software that enables you remember you important times and you can also use this program to perform Auto Shutdown of your computer
  • G-Alarm 2.5

    You can add your complete music collection or single MP3, WMA, MIDI and WAV files to a playlist and let G-Alarm fade it in to get you gently
  • Alarm Master 5.04

    clock, scheduler, calendar, calendar and timer are included in Skinnable. The alarm clock reminds you about important events by playing your favorite
  • Speed Up Alarm 1.00

    Speed Up Alarm comes with some preset alarm clock sounds but you can also have it play your own music files. You can set up alarm times for the
  • Alarm Master Plus 5.04

    Alarm clock, calendar, scheduler, calendar and timer is included in skinnable organizer. The alarm clock is used for reminding you about important
  • IRCAS Alarm 4.0.12

    IRCAS Alarm is a PC based camera alarm system and surveillance system for Microsoft Windows. It can use almost every resource of camera, (Web cam
  • MP3 PC Alarm Clock 2.1

    You can make your pc to behave just like an alarm clock with MP3 PC Alarm Clock program. It is loaded with features that will ease you into the
  • The Beetle Alarm+ 1.10

    The Beetle Alarm+ can really control your computer's shutdown and startup automatically,it can make your computer powered on automatically from the
  • Spam Alarm 1.0

    Spam Alarm is a highly configurable and extremely efficient e-mail scanning software solution which can be tailored specifically to your system to
  • MP3 Alarm Clock 1.6

    MP3 Alarm Clock is a fantastic, easy-to-use alarm, reminder and schedule program that can be accessed from your system tray. An audible and visual
  • Alarm Clock 1.0.62

    This program is a customizable alarm clock. It allows you to set a different alarm for each day of the week as well as disable the alarm for that day.
  • CC-CAM alarm system 1.4.9

    CC-CAM is an alarm system based on movement detection. It can send to you the photos of the intruder on your cell phone by email. CC-CAM records the
  • DD-Alarm Clock 1.0

    DD-Alarm Clock is a great looking and an easy to use digital desktop alarm clock for your PC. Need some simple daily reminders to help remember
  • MultiCam Alarm 1.1.9

    MultiCam is an alarm system that could handle many cameras at the same time. It has its own HTTP server that enables you to see image of camera and to
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  • Trident MP3 Digital Alarm 1.0.1

    Trident mp3 Digital alarm is a state of the art alarm system for Windows PC's . Select any mp3, Wav or Windows Media Player file on your computer's hard drive and have it play as an alarm sound at any time. Wake
  • WAKE UP!!! Clock 2.0.0

    WAKE UP!!! Clock is a Compact simple to use PC alarm Clock. It uses any mp3 or wav file as the alarm sound. It comes with a Default alarm sound that sounds like a regular digital alarm, but you can choose your own sound
  • Tiny Alarm 2.0

    Tiny alarm is a simple alarm countdown with a slider from 1 to 60 minutes, an alarm by entering alarm time and a chime with user defined interval. When time is over, a window opens and you hear a sound; System Shutdown
  • Accurate Alarm Clock 1.1

    1. Turn your PC into an alarm clock 2. You can Specify the sound file which will be played as alarm 3. You can set the alarm time in HR:MIN:SEC format thus there is accuracy of seconds too. 4 . The alarm(sound file) will
  • HotBounce iFufi2 2 2

    This program can be used as a security alarm system to scare thiefs, protect your home, room, office and any place where there is a computer. It uses your microphone and mouse as sensors and your speakers as alarm siren.
  • iFufi2 3-7-6

    This program can be used as an alarm or for scare thiefs. It uses your microphone and mouse as a sensors, your Speakers as an alarm siren. You can add your personal alarm sounds (wav, mp3). A series of alarm sounds and
  • NoteBook Alarm 3

    Now you can set your desire sound file for waking up or as a backup alarm when you travel by using handy software application NoteBook alarm. It does not only show you current time but also time to alarm so that you can
  • Mini Clock Alarm 1.01

    Mini alarm Clock is a small 24 hour Digital Clock that can be placed on your desktop, and can be set to play an audio sound, and/or start a program of your choice at a given time. The alarm can be set to be activated
  • Mini Alarm Clock 1.01

    Mini alarm Clock is a small 24 hour Digital Clock that can be placed on your desktop, and can be set to play an audio sound, and/or start a program of your choice at a given time. The alarm can be set to be activated
  • Talking Alarm Clock 2.0

    Talking alarm Clock is useful application that enables you to set an alarm quickly and easily and it will remind you of important dates and events. It can play any sound you choose and includes a versatile snooze
  • Simply Alarming

    ALWAYS VISIT 12BYTES.ORG FOR THE LATEST VERSION AND SPECIAL OFFERS (hint: FREE!) WHICH MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE HERE! Simply alarming is a very easy to use alarm program that can alert you at a specific clock time or when a
  • Alarm Clock 1.0.62

    This program is a customizable alarm clock. It allows you to set a different alarm for each day of the week as well as disable the alarm for that day. The alarm sound can be set to any .wav sound of your choice. The
  • Nautical Clock 1.0

    The Clock Chimes with the traditional bell codes on the hour and half hour. It also has an alarm setting with selectable sound file for the alarm. The alarm is escalating, that is, the alarm sound starts low and
  • LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm 5.7 B

    To retrieve the laptop and to recovers and destroys the sensitive data Lalarm is a free laptop alarm that emits a noisy alarm sound when a thief tries to steal it. Besides, it alarms when the battery is under pressure
  • Klok

    Klok is a PC alarm clock, which is ideal for people who travel with a laptop. The alarm can be CD, mp3 play list or a custom sound (wav). CD and mp3 play lists can be played in order or randomised. User configurable
  • Post-It Notes 4.3

    Post-It Notes 2.0 offers you a useful tool to place notes on their desktop. It is specially designed to make your work easier. Major Features: Add alarm Execute file on alarm Play sound on alarm(time/date) its not
  • Convenient Clock 1.1

    Convenient Clock is a small, fast and free alarm clock. Plays mp3, MP2, MP1, OGG and WAV sound files, and has a beep alarm function for computers without a sound card. Convenient Clock can also run a program at alarm,
  • Free Alarm Clock 4.0.1

    If you need alarm clock software for Windows, this is the software you are looking for. Free alarm Clock supports unlimited number of alarms so that you are not restricted to the number of alarms you can have. alarms
  • NiceAlarm 1.7

    Nicealarm as a nokia alarm is the most multifunction and reliable symbian s60 alarm. Only with it you can select any music tone for every alarm you setup, specify deactivation code to avoid oversleeping, personalize
  • ClickClick Alarm 1.1

    The simplest way to install polyphonic... ClickClick alarm is a desktop application that can load any MIDI file from your PC and install it directly to your Palm, making it available as an alarm sound. ClickClick
  • Alarm Clock 4 Free 2.26

    Wake up, remember weekly appointments, never miss a meeting with EIPC's amazing alarm Clock 4 Free. Customize each alarm, by marking the weekdays and choosing your favorite song, rhythm or alarm sound for each
  • Desktop Alarm Clock Widget 1.0

    This is a useful utility that combines a desktop clock and an alarm reminder program Desktop alarm Clock Widget Variation on the old desktop clock - unobtrusive alarm can be set to deliver a message. Old style clock with
  • Daily Alarm Clock 2.0

    The handy program for students is Daily alarm Clock that helps them in remembering time of their classes. It contains 14 alarm times and you can preprogram your alarm according to your class schedules. It supports
  • BestAlarmClock 1.0

    This software includes Speaking alarm Reminder.characters read reminder for you.. you can also set any mp3 orWave file as reminder sound.You can also use your own voice as alarm.It includes calendar(upto 2099)
  • Computer Alarm Clock 2.0

    Welcome to Computer alarm Clock. With this alarm clock software, you can give youself reminders of important events that happen throughout the day, or wake up/fall asleep by listening your favorite music. It is an alarm
  • Alarm Reminder Lite 2.0

    Never miss another TV show, appointment, planned phone call, meeting or important date, whilst working at your PC! alarm Reminder Lite is a fully functional yet lightweight tool that runs in your taskbar. Choose to set
  • Speed Up Alarm 1.00

    Speed Up alarm comes with some preset alarm clock sounds but you can also have it play your own music files. You can set up alarm times for the current day or for any day in the future. You can set an infinite number of
  • Icon Clock 5.6

    Icon Clock is a great looking digital alarm Clock which doesn't take over your screen. Icon Clock will Now let you use any kind of sound files for its alarm, reminder, and chimes sounds! It also has two registration
  • Konrad Wegrzyniak Desktop Alarm Clock 1.1

    Digital Style desktop alarm Clock, that also shows actual time and date. Settings panel lets user to change the display opacity, and the defoult alarm sound to any mp3 file. It can be used as Modern Desktop Clock, alarm
  • Simple Alarm Clock Software 7.0

    Set an alarm Clock that will play an alarm sound at a specified time. This application sits in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the