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  • R-U-ON Alarms 1.1

    R-U-ON Alarms 1.1 is an advanced and useful utility in the way that it displaysyour network's active alarms from the R-U-ON surveillance platform.
  • Best Alarms 1.03

    Now you can create your desire multiple alarms by using handy software application Best Alarms. It supports following devices: Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110
  • Meridian Alarms 3.3.8

    MERIDIAN alarms remind you of important events and keep you on track during a busy day. ??? Wake Up - Alarms can wake you up in the morning, even if
  • CityTime Alarms 1.2

    CityTime Alarms is the alarms module for the industry leading CityTime world time system. It provides multiple international alarms and timers in an
  • Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms 1.0

    Now you can launch audio and video files with alarm by using handy software utility Alarm Clock for Daily Alarms. It is compatible with windows XP,
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  • Peter`s Ultimate Alarm Clock 3.4.0

    Puac is an alarm clock program, which sits in the system tray and lets you sound as many alarms as you like. Options include periodical alarms, snoozing, sounding alarms which went off while the program was inactive,
  • CityTime Alarms 1.2

    CityTime alarms is the alarms module for the industry leading CityTime world time system. It provides multiple international alarms and timers in an easy to use system that makes managing events across multiple time
  • iCal-Alarmist 1.3

    iCal-Alarmist sets any kind of alarm for every event in a chosen EDITABLE calendar in addition to any other alarms you may have already set. There is no risk of cancelling previous alarms. Alarmist basically takes
  • Glass Clock 2.0

    Yet another Analog Clock, this time with a colored glass look and 50 fully customizable alarms. You can change the color and opacity of the glass. The clock's shape and size can be changed too. You can set
  • Power Reminder 1.0

    Never miss important moments in your life with powerful and reliable alarms and reminders, with unique unobtrusive notifications! Set any number of one-time and repeating alarms with custom messages, sounds, colors,
  • corz clock 2.6

    I needed a clock for my Windows desktop, so I searched for one that fitted my needs. Lots of windows clocks later, I was nowhere, so I Googled slightly different and came across a post on the AutoIt forum. Now, there
  • iTimer 1.6

    This application is a timer that can set off alarms and keep track of real time. Features: - Set alarms - Customize the alarms as visual, audio, a Message Dialog, or a Combination - Handy small window mode - Real time
  • Smart Wake 1.2

    An alarm Widget designed to be set-it-and-forget-it. Features multiple alarms, set alarms to go off on specific days of the week, an option to automatically unmute the computer when an alarm goes off, talking alarm, and
  • Ebay Auction Clock 1.0

    Timer with alarms for Ebay auctions includes email notification. Unlimited number of auction items (for sale, to purchase) with support for Ebay timezone and up to 3 alarms per item. alarms include email notification
  • R-U-ON Alarms 1.1

    R-U-ON alarms 1.1 is an advanced and useful utility in the way that it displaysyour network's active alarms from the R-U-ON surveillance platform. Requirements: Windows 2000/XP Yahoo Widgets
  • alarmToday 2.81

    alarmToday offers complete control over all alarms on your Pocket PC from the Today screen. You can view, change, delete and create new alarms with just a few actions. Create powerful repeating alarms, wake up to your
  • Meridian Alarms 3.3.8

    MERIDIAN alarms remind you of important events and keep you on track during a busy day. ??? Wake Up - alarms can wake you up in the morning, even if you and your computer are sleeping. ??? Flexible scheduling - one
  • Free Organizer Clock 1.0

    Organize your life! Our free Organizer has all functions of planner, scheduler and clock. You can add alarms, tasks, control your schedule and time. It is very easy-to-use and user-friendly. The interface is released in
  • DG Alarm Clock 1.3

    Alarm Clock is a utility that enables you to set up to six voice alarms on you PC. You can connect the alarms to any .WAV file on your PC, including those made from your own
  • jSticker 1.3

    jStiker - a reminder that allow to define alarms and Stickers (post-its) for reminding you some important stuff. alarms can be programmed to appear at a given time, stickers can be placed on desktop to View It
  • CradleAlarm 4.7.5

    CradleAlarm supersedes the poorly featured alarm clock of Windows Mobile. With this application you can set multiple alarms, that provide a large number of settings to let you start your day as pleasant as possible, to
  • My Alarm 1.0

    My Alarm is a quick and simple way to run programs or play music at a set time, day or date. You can have multiple alarms with each one set to run or play a differnt file. Features: Daily, Set Day or Set Date
  • CrazyAlarms 2.2

    Crazy alarms is a system wide alarm application that you can schedule alarms for mp3/OGG alarm sounds, launch application, system Lock, start Hotsync and do Soft Reset. In addition on the Treo you can schedule to turn
  • iCal Cleaner 1.02

    Over time, iCal can become filled with all kinds of bogus data like duplicate events, blank events, duplicate alarms and more. All of this extra baggage adds up and can make iCal sluggish. iCal Cleaner is a free
  • TopView Remote Viewer Mobile 6.9

    Remotely access TopView to view, listen to, and acknowledge alarms and alarm history. Main Features:- Remotely monitor the value and status of all TopView tags- View current alarms- Hear audible alarm messages (WAV and
  • Free Alarm Clock 4.0.1

    If you need alarm clock software for Windows, this is the software you are looking for. Free Alarm Clock supports unlimited number of alarms so that you are not restricted to the number of alarms you can have. alarms
  • Schedy Mobile

    Schedy Mobile is an alarm and task scheduler application for Windows Mobile Smartphone. The program features: unlimited number of alarms and tasks, flexible scheduling options, mp3, WMA, WAV and other sound files format
  • PrayerMinder for Win32 0.41

    PrayerMinder for Win32 (Windows 95/98/NT/2000) displays the Islamic Prayer Times for the present day, anywhere on the planet Earth. It also allows you to set alarms for any of the prayers. Features alarms for each

    This software is to configure Tixi Data Gateway functions like alarms, messages and data logging in a very comfortable way. Using mouse clicks the user can easily combine recipients, messages and PLC variables or I/O
  • CCURE800 Patch 7 9.4 Patch 7

    CCURE 800 is a scalable security management solution encompassing complete access control and advanced event monitoring. The system integrates with critical business applications including CCTV and video systems from
  • Win Serf 2.00

    Win Serf is a 3D world clock, alarm, and reminder program. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and it's also an indispensible tool for the industrious worker. Watch as a 3D model of the earth changes from day to
  • Viewtimer-- Desktop Countdown Timer 4.7

    Viewtimer is a Desktop Timer application that allows you to vizualise your time. It can be used as a Countdown Timer, stopwatch or clock. But it can do more than most timer applications. * Delivering a presentation
  • ToDo2 1.4.3

    Ever wish that you can be reminded of your To-Do tasks? Now you can with ToDo2. You can set alarms for all your To-Do tasks. This will ensure that you do not forget about things that you need to do. ToDo2 has all the
  • Outlook Mp3 Player 1.0

    The Reminder of Microsoft Outlook can play only wav-file alarms. This Outlook Add-In component allow to play as alarms any music and video files ( mp3, mpg, avi, etc. ), open any document ( doc, rtf, txt, etc. ) or run
  • Hurry Up!!! 1.2

    Hurry Up!!! is easy to use Time Manager with alarms, timers, countdowns, working time schedule, holidays and Vacation schedule.Limitations of unregistered version: only 2 alarms and 1 timer (except working timers) can